Projeckt : Rex

Those who know me from a long time know that I've been in multiple disciplines throughout my career, and the first one (which happens to compete with programming) is electronics.

Since I've dived into programming jobs, I haven't had the time to dedicate myself to electronics projects, and that became a weight over the years, but not anymore! So here is my first project: Rex. It may not be top of the notch, but I have to catch up with years of electronics development, new interfaces, naming conventions and chips. Oh, and the name comes form "Rover experiment"

Requirements of the project

  • Must be driven by a computer, instead of a RT board like Arduino.
  • Must be able to roam freely around
  • Must have complete situational awareness
  • Battery has to last at least 3 hours
  • Must have a patrol mode with alerts and motion recognition
  • Must be able to take vocal orders

So, with these requirements in mind, I went and bought the following components for the first iteration.

Component list and expenses

NOTE: These components were bought online from Great Britain and delivered to Spain, there are extra charges for delivery and money exchange (pound/euro). It may be possible to obtain them cheaper in local stores (if you find them).

The rest of the components I bought them together, the total price was around 40 euros. Everything from ThePiHut

The total of these components goes up to around 200 euros, but as I said before, if you have the time, take a look in local stores, you may find it way cheaper than me (ThePiHut for example sells the Devastator platform 30 euros more expensive than the official store, I realized that later.)

So what's the idea for the first iteration?

For the first iteration the idea is the following:

  • Put the tank together
  • It must be able to run around
  • Must avoid direct collisions
  • Camera module must work. Be able to connect remotely to it.

The thing is I already started doing stuff (not much) before posting this, so, the first step (putting the tank together) is already done, take a look at it!

Front view
Side view
Back view

Projeckt : Rex
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