Shopify API multipass login with Python

Since I didn’t find many resources out there, I think some people will find this information useful. This is an implementation in Python of the Shopify API multipass, to login seamlessly the users across sites. This is a general version that generates the token, nothign else, you will need to adapt it to your needs. […]

Review de la PyConES 2013

Hace unos días se ha celebrado la primera PyCon española, con resultados que han sido sorprendentes: más de 300 participantes, 42 charlas a lo largo de dos días separadas en track básico, avanzado y científico. Mi opinión personal es que ha sido un completo éxito, pero también ha tenido sus dificultades como es normal siendo […]

Setting up New Relic + Supervisor + uWSGI

Lately I’ve been taking a look to monitorization services for, since I don’t work fulltime on it anymore, I need to automatize it as much as possible and keep an “automated eye” on it. I’ve been testing NewRelic script, and I must say it’s pretty straightforward, but I’m still not sure about the implications […]

Hacking the ADB A4001N router

Yesterday, Movistar España connected my new home to the interwebs, and they brought me a brand new router. I though that the paranoia of remote assistance and double admin panels and stuff were not that spread, but what was my surprise when I found that I couldn’t even configure my MAC address filters on the […]

Starting a new job

From June 3, I’ll start working for Yaco Sistemas, a software company dedicated to open source! With lots of great people there, I’ll start working on the OpenMOOC project, a MOOC platform that is already being used in a lot of places! I will also be moving to Seville (Spain) to do this job. They’re […]

Mistakes on software design will cost you way more than you think

Yeah, way more than you can think. In this case I’m talking about the e-cidadania permission system. We all know that django provides some basic permission system at model level, but in the case of e-cidadania it wasn’t enough. We needed very detailed object level permissions. First of all let me tell you that the […]

My two cents on Cidadania

After seeing this post from Kenneth Reitz, I thought I should make my own also, so everyone knows that not only the US and northern Europe has great companies to work with. I’ve been working for two years now at Cidadania, a very small SME from Santiago de Compostela, Spain and we are just 9 people […]

My GUADEC 2012 experience

I must say that the GUADEC is the best event I’ve been ever so far. It’s like making a big party with friends even if you don’t know them. People is just so great that you feel confortable speaking with everyone about almost everything (yeah, we also speak of non-technical stuff) I met a lot […]

Trac 0.12.3 on DreamHost with AccountManager

Ok, I will be honest, I’m excited for achieving this thing. I’ll explain here all the process I did to get Trac 0.12.3 with AccountManagerPlugin 0.2.1 (yes, I know the current is 0.3.2 but it’s not on the python cheese shop) on a shared server via One-Click Install. THESE INSTRUCTIONS REQUIRE ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE, YOU’RE ON […]

Cidadania has its own GitHub account

It is not very professional to have all the code repositories of a compny in your personal profile, even if the code is open source. So, again I’m extending the cidadania infrastructure making a global account in GitHub. You can access here: and it’s own page at github (still working on it)